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Sally Craig claims that the new approach is required from government and companies to interact smaller firms using the sustainability agenda Derbyshire coffin manufacturers installing unsustainable methods to sleep Cope with Biffa can help builders retailers boost utilization of alternative energy and achieve zero waste to landfill target electricity will be sourced by NNP term contract Air Products from new 37MW power from waste plant in Teesside Requires government to do something support after latest figures show plastic case use within England rose 4.4 percent this past year James Cropper's technology divides plastic from cups making pulp ideal for top quality paper Businesses including Unilever, BASF, and Interface demand clear, coherent source security policy to assist UK companies keep pace with rivals General Motors recycled 90 percent of global production waste this past year, resulting in 105 landfill-free services Report shows Britain is likely to be most desirable market in Europe for EfW to 2016, but could the ever conquer its natural experts? Resources Action Programme Waste and says new money allows it to carry on work despite reductions in government funding New common to become released in the fall to display companies that follow waste management guidelines Waste selection navy driven by bio-fuel to reduce emissions by 78 percent Leader keeps company will carry on to supply essential support to waste field, but admits some companies will be hit Environment Minister states Scotland uses more provider bags per head than every other area of the UK Trade organizations say government mustn't reduce resources assigned to treating fly-tipping, exporting hazardous waste, or organized waste crime SMi ™s 6th annual meeting will give you an ideal system for participants to talk about current problems, technologies and inventions in Energy from Waste Major merchants among 22 companies providing on contract to control and measure water, carbon, and waste footprints Retailer says new extensive selection factors have resulted in a rise in recycling degrees LATEST OPINION LATEST ANALYSIS UPCOMING EVENTS LATEST POLICY NEWS LATEST ENERGY NEWS LATEST INVESTMENT NEWS The federal government has unmasked its draft strike charges for low-carbon energy technologies. Can they push enough investment hitting the UK's renewable power and carbon reduction targets? Registered as a member for unlimited use of our exclusive selection of in-depth articles and studies, complete store and concern function invitations.. Get free use of our exclusive selection of in-depth articles and studies, concern function announcements and complete store together with your four-week trial. Subscribe to newsletters: INSIGHT NEWSLETTER INSIGHT WORK OF THE WEEK The Green Recruitment Company is addressing among the UK`s top green power companies, focusing on off-shore wind projects. Can we manage with simple, low-cost means of carbon allocation and power price? How specific do we have to be? Accelerate durability benefits with responsibility and awareness over the value chain © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2013, Published by Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, are businesses registered in England and Wales with organization enrollment figures 04252091